Testimonials arising from Coaching Experience with Tamala Chirwa

“I first met Tamala in 2015, soon after she established the Women Leadership Footprint. I attended a workshop she had organized for women and was immediately struck by her ability to relate with the leadership issues of women from different walks of life. How she handled the workshop that day, encouraged me to engage her as my leadership coach and professionally, it is one of the best decisions I had ever made! In the time she was my coach, I developed a good understanding and awareness, of how my personality, my background beliefs and general outlook to life, impact my leadership style. She gave me insight into planning my life, work and personal development, by setting long term, medium term and short-term goals, and to measure my progress in achieving these goals. I have since continued this goal-setting practice and have introduced it to my work colleagues. Setting goals has dramatically changed how we work; we are more focused and complete tasks efficiently and effectively, resulting in my office receiving awards in 2016 and 2017 for good performance. Tamala is truly inspirational!”

Atuweni Agbermodji

Director General of Financial Intelligence Authority Malawi

“I was introduced to Tamala through a mutual friend at a time when I had just been promoted to a senior leadership position at my work. I was struggling to cope with the demands of the new position and didn’t know what to do. Through her coaching program, Tamala helped me to define my personal vision and goals as a leader and a strategy on how to achieve that. She helped me to become more reflective of my circumstances and more self-aware through her thought-provoking questions. After every coaching session, I left feeling hopeful of the future and more confident. I have learned to believe in myself more and trust my instincts. Tamala is a great listener, understanding, accommodating and full of practical insights. Whilst she was meant to primarily be my leadership coach, her flexibility and holistic approach have helped me both professionally and personally. I would recommend Tamala’s coaching program to every woman who has the desire to thrive in life!”
Marlen Chawani, PhD.
Researcher at Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust, College of Medicine Health Economics & Policy Unit.

“Meeting Tamala for the first time, I was assured that the coaching process was going to be fun, fruitful and worth following through. I didn’t know what to expect in the coaching sessions, but I told myself the coach seems nice so whether it’s a new thing to me, but I know I am going to enjoy the sessions. The coaching sessions with her brought out a new person in me. I was a person who always looked down on myself, I didn’t want to meet new challenges, I lacked confidence. Coach Tamala helped me realize that I can do whatever I want, and I have the capability. At first, I thought she just wanted to make me feel better that I should stop feeling sorry for myself, but I realized that what she said about me was true. Previously, I couldn’t stand up to make presentations, but now I do. I was an MC for a big function of almost 8,000 people. I told Coach Tamala about my fears and she asked me, what makes you think you can’t you do it? Take the challenge! And I did! Now I want to be an MC at functions! Two months ago, I was given a new position at work totally different from my previous role, if it were in the past I could have turned it down, but the words Coach Tamala told me during our sessions keep ringing in my head and I took the challenge, now am into marketing, from programming. The coaching sessions with her have really changed my life and career and I see myself doing greater things. So much confidence in myself!”
Happy Mzembe Chabuka
Head of Programs and Corporate Affairs – Nkhoma Synod Radio

“I can boldly say Tamala Chirwa is one of the people who continues to influence and inspire me. I can describe her as a strong and confident woman who has inspired me to come out of the shell I was hiding under for so many years. She coached me to put myself out there more and to unlock the potential within me and helped me to set both short- and long-term goals and to draft and follow a roadmap on how to achieve those goals.
Apart from focusing on my professional life, Tamala also focused on my personal life and helped me see how the two are linked. She was very professional and made me feel that I was in a safe space and she was very engaging. Thanks to her, I am more focused, and I now have goals that I strive to achieve even on a daily basis. I no longer live my life as it comes but I now plan my day and strive to achieve my plans. I am extremely grateful to have met her and what is amazing is that she is still part of my life and only a phone call away!”

Sellina Khonje Tambula
Producer, Times Group

My coaching experience with Tamala revealed who I am to myself through its thought-provoking nature and as well as through the personality test and other self-assessment tools that were used. It continued to dig deep the hidden talents and skills that I possess which I was not aware of. Through this, a lot of opportunities have opened for me. Further, the coaching sessions were about developing leadership and life skills. The process touched on family life, financial status and career life. I believe that I have become a good mother and wife at home. I have become a very good business person in my business and a career focused woman who tries to tap from the opportunities within and the ability to forecast. I now have a proper strategic plan of what I want to become and how I am going to reach that desired stage through development of a road map. Without this, my current job would not have been easy as it demands multi-tasking and proper planning. This has boosted my confidence levels through making sure I have some executive presence wherever I go.
Millie Kasunda
Head, Communications, Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Being coached by Tamala and having concluded her leadership training, has been a life changing experience. Through her training I have received and used useful tools both for my professional career but also in my private life. Tamala shows in a very good way and with personal experience how you can develop your career and grow in your professional skills and career path as well as how you can develop your personal skills and traits. I’m constantly going back to the different tools I have learnt either if I have any challenge at work or I’m changing jobs. Tamala is a very good coach that helps you find your own goals and dreams and develop them in the best way for you. I would recommend her to everyone and encourage them to maximise the coaching experience with her.
Anna Maria Johansson
Regional Financial Controller, WE Effect Zambia

The coaching process with Tamala helped me to identify my strongest areas and gave me the confidence to go for my dreams. She helped me to focus on my strengths, both as a person and as a career woman and to see how much I could do to grow in my career path. For a long time, I have been in the same position at work, but the coaching has helped me to do something about it for me to see change that I want to see. I am currently raising funds for my master’s studies as I believe these studies would give me the boost that I need to move a step up in my career. Not only that, I am more confident now following the coaching. I was never confident to speak in public but now I do. I was barely able to stand up for myself, but she gave me the confidence to negotiate things for my benefit. I have moved to a different city and to a different desk from a desk where I had a lot of problems with my boss. This followed negotiations I had with management, based on the confidence I had developed during the coaching sessions. Her uplifting personality makes it easy to open up to her, and that worked to my advantage because with that, I was able to share all the challenges I had, for her to assist me through them.
Brenda Twea
Journalist, Nation Publications Limited

My journey to self-rediscovery and self-awareness started when Tamala became my Coach. Through her group and 0ne-to-one coaching seasons, I managed to unearth those hidden talents that I didn’t know existed. Through her skilfully designed seasons which were bordering on one’s introspection, helped me to rediscover myself in addition to helping me see new horizons. I am more aware of what I am capable of because those little voices of doubts and fear within me are gone and the confidence I needed, emerged in me. Because of my newly acquired treasure called confidence, no task is huge for me. If I am given a task, I tackle it head on. My bosses now give me a lot of assignments because I am a confident person. I am now a more determined person full of confidence. As I write, I have been promoted one step forward. I now have more duties and tasks. I also acquired new negotiation skills. At my work place, I can demand what I want without sounding threatening. I have also managed to mobilize my colleagues to demand better things in our line of duty and we have since received positive feedback from management. As a result of the coaching process, I am now able to mentor interns at my workplace and other older staff who were still struggling to find their feet in the newsroom. Tamala’s calmness during one-on-one coaching sessions used to be therapeutic and we were assured that being with her was the safest space to be.
Siphat Mitochi
Chief Producer, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation