Mission, Vision & Core Values


To develop women leaders through the coaching and mentoring approach to equip them with leadership skills that enhance and galvanise their leadership disposition in order to become more effective and impactful in the spaces they occupy.


To be the leading and preferred coaching and mentoring practice and advisory service provider in Malawi that facilitates the cultivation and embedment of a coaching and mentoring culture for women in leadership in organisations, business and enterprises, political space and communities.


“To nurture women’s career aspirations and support them to create powerful legacies”


Professionalism           We adhere to the International Coach Federation professional standards, ethics framework and core competencies for optimum service delivery

Integrity                      The bedrock of all our engagements with clients and other stakeholders in the coaching, mentoring and women in leadership space and the market is our consistent disposition to always do the right thing even if it means walking away from business leads that compromise our core values

Excellence                   We strive to deliver all our services to and interactions with clients whilst bringing our best skills and credentials to the fore, with the utmost care and high standards in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations

Service                        Our orientation towards all our programs is to serve and meet the needs of our clients without compromising their overall purpose of engaging with us

Impact                         We align all our efforts to serve our clients with the ultimate goal of the best outcomes for all our programs and activities so as to add meaningful value to our clients’ lives

Significance                 We attach strategic value, importance and meaning to all our engagements in order to remain focused and in sync with our agenda of supporting women professionals and business women