About Us

Women’s Leadership Footprint is a Coaching Practice and Leadership Development Firm that supports women in leadership through coaching and leadership training to develop their leadership capacities so that they can be more effective and impactful in their roles or spaces they occupy.

Through one on one coaching sessions we work with women leaders to figure out a myriad of their career and leadership journey issues and challenges as they seek to advance in their careers. We nurture their career aspirations and support them to crystalise the key and critical pieces of developing powerful and lasting legacies.

We work with women across sectors and industries i.e. women executives in corporates, women in politics, women in business, women in communities and women in the non-profit sector who are at different stages of their career, leadership and life journeys.

We deliver customised leadership development programs such as leadership training workshops that aim to address their unique and specific challenges to enhance and galvanise their leadership dispositions. Through these programs, women leaders learn about leadership concepts and theories that they can apply in their leadership practice. Cutting edge thought leadership, insights and perspectives are shared in a safe learning space that empowers them to tell their leadership stories for the benefit of a individual learning groups. Through peer learning and sharing, women leaders develop strong bonds and networks that they leverage as robust support systems and structures that aid in the sustainance of the successes they register in their leadership practice.

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We collaborate with local and international coaches and facilitators to jointly deliver leadership development training, coach-training and mentorship training programmes. The collaboration is based on mutual trust and respect and pulling together unique experiences and competencies that would significantly add value to the clients we target.